May 23, 2022

What are the differences between love and sex

We have all often wondered if there really is a difference between having sex or having sex. Some say it’s the same thing, and some say the opposite. In this article, we will try to show that there is a difference between the two. In short, we will show you how to make love and what to consider when someone asks you to have sex.
What is the difference between sex and love after all?

We are aware that in a single article we cannot answer questions that have crushed the minds of philosophers for centuries. However, applying a reductionist filter to everything that means love and sex, we could say that it is exactly the difference between a biological imperative and a need associated with an evolutionary brain process.

More specifically, sex is the biological need for copulation. In the animal kingdom, the male will court the female for a specific purpose – to carry the genes further. Usually, the male will choose the female according to well-established criteria such as belly size, height, weight and number of suitors.

The purpose of sex is always clear and pragmatic – whether it’s about impregnating or resolving an inner tension related to a hormonal imbalance. In a word, drive.

Do any of the above things resemble everything I knew, heard, saw, or read about making love? Of course not. Making love is a complex act that is largely related to mental and emotional processes that we do not yet know.
We do not know what attracts us to the other. Maybe the way he behaves, the way his dimples stand out when he smiles, or the passionate way he talks about what defines him.

They can all be together or none at all. The only thing that is certain is that people feel the need to make love, perhaps to express, beyond words, what they feel for each other.

Nothing is practiced in love. Simply put, and in spite of everything, you feel the need to chain the person next to you in your arms and show them, without telling them that you love them.

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