May 23, 2022

How to have sex on the plane

Because monotony in the bedroom can have catastrophic effects on intimate life, more and more couples are trying to get rid of boredom through weird sex parties in less common places. In this article, we will talk about a sexual fantasy shared by many people, namely having sex on a plane. Read on to find out how to do this without being flown by flight attendants or other passengers.

  1. Choose a night flight

We know that it is quite tiring to travel by plane at night, but this may be the ideal time to fulfill your fantasy. Wait until the surrounding passengers have fallen asleep and make sure that the accompanying staff is not around. When you catch the perfect moment, act. Refrain from making noises or making too many or sudden movements.

  1. The toilet is not always the ideal place

In most of the movies, the protagonists manage to enjoy each other after they managed to sneak unseen in the plane’s toilet. Unfortunately, in reality, things are completely different. Due to the large number of people having sex in the toilet, many airlines have provided the front door with video surveillance. So even if you lose sight of the stewardesses, you might be surprised by the room. It would be best to grope the place before making any move.

  1. Vacancies near you

If the airline failed to sell all seats, you may find that you are the only passenger occupying a section. If you get caught in the back of the plane, then wait until the flight attendant disappears and get to work.

  1. The blanket is not only useful for sleep

If you have a blanket at hand, you can use it for short and effective oral sex. She can pretend to be sleeping on your lap. At one point, take out the blanket and place it on top of it, taking care to cover the area. Do not forget! No sudden movements and no strange noises. If you are caught, you may be disembarked and even fined.

  1. Quarrel with a happy ending

Another way to shake your head without suspecting it would be to pretend you’re arguing. Scream at each other to get the attention of those around you. Under the pretext that he was angry with you, he will get up from his chair and go to the bathroom to calm down. Wait a minute, get up from your chair and go to the bathroom. People will continue to think you’re going after her to see what she’s doing and apologize.

  1. Serving the last meal

Usually, during night flights, the flight crew will turn off the light after serving the last meal of the day. After dinner, look at the front of the plane to see if there are any lights on. If not everyone around you is sleeping, then you might be upset.

  1. Pour a drink

This is one of the best ways to have sex without attracting attention. At one point, during the flight, he stumbles upon a cup of coffee or tea. Be careful not to get too hot. Your partner will jump like a burn. At some point, she will get up and go to the bathroom to wash. Remembering that you have wet wipes with you, you will get up and go and take them. Next you know what to do.

Sex on the plane is very exciting precisely because of this shocking dose of adrenaline. The most important things to keep in mind are the timing and attention of the flight crew.!AqtGY2WiOwC3gYd2u8jxL9InpyoBow?e=9vwXtp!AhoEHOQ-PpK2r1qf4HxvH3al84qu?e=KigiZR

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