May 23, 2022

How about true love?

Doctors claim that love is a chemical reaction, without any spiritual foundation. That could be it too. When two people fall in love, a chemical imbalance occurs inside the brain. From this point of view, love is a stroke, but one that changes both partners.

We cannot claim that men choose their partners based on how capable they are of having strong, healthy children. At least not on a conscious level (reminiscent of the animal period). People make love because they are attracted to each other. Because they want to be discovered or rediscovered.

Making love has no purpose, just like the biological need for procreation. It means showing the other person how much it matters to you and that you feel good and safe with him or her.

Perhaps this question will never have a convincing answer. Or maybe that answer is superfluous. What we need to know is that in most relationships, people do not have sex but love. Even that sexual drive that seems illogical stems from the need to get even closer to a person for whom you already have strong feelings.

As you can see, it is very difficult to answer this question. However, in order to draw a pertinent conclusion, we could argue that sex and love are differentiated by finality – one related to instinct and the other to unexpected mental and spiritual resources.\

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